Corporate Profile

Colour Life is a leading property management and community services provider in China. As the first community service provider listed in Hong Kong in 2014, the Group continued to lead the development trend of the property management industry since its listing. With the outstanding organic expansion capability and through merger and acquisition activities, Colour Life achieved rapid expansion and became the leading community service operator in the country in terms of business size. The Group focuses on promoting community caring by holding various community-themed activities based on property management services. Meanwhile, Colour Life explores various consumption scenarios and sets up offline and online service platform via the Internet technology, so as to better meet the people's needs for a beautiful life in the future and live up to our promise of "Service to Your Family".

The Group has three main business lines:

  • Property management services, which primarily include: (i) provision of services for communities under commission basis; (ii) provision of services for communities under lump sum basis; (iii) provision of pre-delivery services for property developers; and (iv) provision of consultancy services for property management companies; and

  • Value-added services, which primarily include: (i) provision of online promotion services; (ii) provision of sales and rental assistance services; and (iii) provision of other value-added services; and

  • Engineering services, which primarily include: (i) provision of equipment installation services; (ii) provision of repair and maintenance services; (iii) provision of automation and other equipment upgrade services; and (iv) provision of energy saving services.