Corporate Profile

The Group is a leading community services provider in the PRC. Based on the gross floor area ("GFA") of residential communities which the Group was contracted to manage as at 31 December 2014, the Group was named as the provider with the largest coverage of community services in the world in terms of the area of residential properties by China Index Academy in 2015. The Group has three main business segments:

  • property management services, which primarily include: (i) services such as security, cleaning, gardening, repair and maintenance provided to residential communities, which including mixed-use properties containing residential units and ancillary facilities that are non-residential in nature, (ii) pre-sale services provided to property developers, including cleaning, security and maintenance of the pre-sale display units; and (iii) consultancy services provided for regional property companies, such as standardised operation, cost control and consultation;

  • engineering services, which primarily include: (i) equipment installation services, (ii) repair and maintenace services, and (iii) automation and other equipment upgrade services through the Group’s equipment leasing program; and

  • community leasing, sales and other services, which primarily include: (i) common area rental assistance, (ii) purchase assistance, and (iii) residential and retail units rental and sales assistance.